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About the Cochletten foundation


Cochletten was founded on 9 June  2000. The purpose for its activities is to promote and offer oral language training for people who experience hearing and/or language problems.

The Cochletten foundation’s associated speech and hearing therapists offer individual speech and listening training in Norwegian, English, German and French for children and adults. Most of our clients are hard of hearing, and the majority of them are cochlear implanted, but we also offer therapy for people with other language problems.

The public health insurance “NAV/HELFO” will cover the cost of the individual therapy sessions if certain requirements are met, one of which normally is a hearing impairment. Please contact us on the page “Kontakt oss” for further information.

Cochletten also offers habilitation services at the client’s home school or home kindergarten. This includes a visit to the school twice a year for observation and a meeting with the child’s parents and teachers. We are also available for consultation the rest of the year. The local “kommune” pays for these services, and contracts are written individually for each client. Please, contact us for further information.